“Innovative level crossing trial for rural and regional NSW”: Rail Express

“Innovative level crossing trial for rural and regional NSW”: Rail Express

A $1.2 million trial of new digital technology to improve level crossing safety in rural and regional areas will soon get underway in New South Wales.  Transport for NSW will run the trial, in partnership with the Australian Government, the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) and technology company Rail Safety Systems.” Rail Express

Summary: The cutting-edge technology at the heart of this trial, the Rail Active Crossing System (RAXS), is a low-cost, modular, and wireless solution designed specifically for locations that currently rely on passive safety measures.

RAXS is intended to transform these passive sites into actively monitored crossings through the use of flashing lights and wireless, train-activated advanced signage that alerts motorists of oncoming trains. 

The system, which is solar-powered and requires minimal maintenance, addresses common hindrances associated with activating more rural crossings and will switch to a ‘stop sign’ mode if there’s any disruption, ensuring continued safety compliance similar to passive crossings.

With over 2,700 level crossings in NSW, where 858 are managed with just stop or give way signs, this technology proposes a significant advancement in public safety.

The installation of RAXS is scheduled for this year, with a location yet to be finalised.

Throughout the trial, Transport for NSW will collect feedback from both the community and industry to refine the system further and explore additional safety features, backed by funding from both state and federal government initiatives aimed at improving level crossing safety across regional Australia.

Many thanks to Editor Joshua Farrell and the team at Rail Express for including mention of Rail Safety Solutions as the supplier of the technology being trialed.

To read the article in full, see: Innovative level crossing trial for rural and regional NSW at p.7.

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