Innovative level crossing tech on track to securing safer rail crossings

Innovative level crossing tech on track to securing safer rail crossings

A ground-breaking trial of a cutting-edge digital technology aimed at improving level crossing safety in rural and regional areas is set to commence in New South Wales.

 The $1.2 million trial, a collaborative effort with the Australian Government, Transport for NSW, the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC), and technology partner Rail Safety Systems (RSS), marks a significant step forward in leveraging advanced digital technology with the aim of saving lives in remote areas where road meets rail.

 RSS CEO Andrew Clark applauded the initiative, crediting the Australian and NSW Governments for listening to the serious concerns around safety voiced by affected communities in rural and regional NSW.

 “Our mission at RSS is to advance solutions that prioritise safety and efficiency in rail operations, particularly in rural and remote locations where traditional treatments may not be possible.

 “The Rail Active Crossing System (RAXS) represents a potential leap forward in level crossing options without the need for extensive infrastructure traditionally required for such enhancements.

 “With its solar power and modular design, RAXS can be quickly and cost-effectively installed in remote settings, overcoming former barriers to activating crossings in these areas,” he said.

 The RAXS technology features a modular low-cost wireless design tailored for rural and remote settings, effectively transforming passive level crossings into active sites.

 Through the integration of flashing lights and wireless train-activated advanced signage, motorists receive timely warnings about approaching trains, reducing the likelihood of accidents.

 RSS Business Development GM Andy Turnbull echoed Clark’s comments, adding the RAXS’ unique features address these primary challenges (like geography, lack of access to power and other infrastructure hurdles) which he hoped would lead to a more widespread implementation of activated level crossings across NSW.

 “The team at RSS understands the unique challenges of providing effective level crossing safety solutions in remote locations, where only stop or give-way signage is being used to warn crossing users.

“We know of 858 passively controlled sites in NSW alone, so the need for a viable solution to address this issue is very real.

“We recognise the financial support provided by the NSW Government and the Australian Government’s Regional Australia Level Crossing Safety Program demonstrates a shared commitment to advancing level crossing safety initiatives through innovation and collaboration,” he said.

The trial is set to commence with the installation of the first level crossing equipped with RAXS technology later this year.

The NSW Government’s contribution of $715,000, coupled with $500,000 from the Australian Government’s Regional Australia Level Crossing Safety Program, underscores the significant investment and belief in the potential of innovative technologies like RAXS to advance level crossing safety in NSW.

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